WLC Time Trials

These are for members of all cyclling clubs in the West London area.  They are held on one of two courses:  Maidenhead (10 miles) or Great Missenden (10, 25 and 50 miles).

Riders don’t need a special bike (drop handlebars perfectly adequate for most) although some of the more serious riders eventually invest in a purpose built time trial bike.

A local hall is used as HQ where riders need to sign on and collect their number which they pin to their clothing (lower back).  Riders warm up and are then set off at 1 minute intervals and the idea is to try and beat their previous best time, ie it is not a race.  Afterwards refreshments are served at HQ where riders return their race number to the organiser and where the official finish times are displayed.

Entry fees are currently paid by ARCC.

To enter, you need to register with Joy Payne (WLCTT@amershamrcc.com) a couple of weeks before each event.  (See Time trials page for dates).