The Return of the ARCC Zwift Winter Virtual Group Rides

Commencing Sunday 2nd December, Lynda Kellam will lead a club Zwift ride every 2 weeks 

until Sunday 24th February. Please note that due to Zwift scheduling, these rides will start at 9:05am instead of 9am. The format will be the same as last year ie 3 laps of a social group ride at a consistent 2w/kg pace followed by an eyeballs out race lap. 2w/kg should be accessible to most of the club ranging from a light warm-up for the G2+/1/1+ riders to a big effort for the G5/4 riders. The race lap is optional – if you don’t want to race you can either quit the event after 3 laps or ride easy to the finish.

Please see info below which will also appear on the Zwift Events calendar in due course. Note that this ride will be open to all Zwift subscribers, not just ARCC club members as per Zwift policy. However, I will set up a league table outside of Zwiftpower race results for race lap placings (and social laps attendance) just for ARCC members.

Due to the difficulties of keeping a very large group together it would help me greatly if the stronger riders who are also experienced on Zwift (you know who you are 😊) could act as sweepers for the first 3 laps and help to bring back dropped riders. 

If you want to join the ARCC Zwift community but are new to Zwift group riding or racing, I will post tips of dos and donts (and common rookie mistakes) on the club FB page. 

The ARCC Zwift ride is now on ready for next Sunday and also set up as a race series in Don’t forget that if you want to be placed in the race lap you need to register with As long as you’re registered on the zwiftpower system you don’t need to do anything else for your data to show up there.
Please could all ARCC club riders edit their Zwift profile to add ‘ARCC’ after their name so that it is obvious to me who from the club is there (as opposed to guest riders who I can’t prevent from joining).


Amersham RCC Social Group ride with race lap finale.

3 laps Watopia Volcano Flat @2w/kg followed by 1 race lap (all categories). 30.8 miles (49.2km).


All are welcome to join the Amersham Road Cycle Club winter virtual club run. This will be a mixed ability group as club members come from across the range of club speed groups but the leader will keep the first 3 laps at a consistent pace of 2w/kg. Stronger riders are encouraged to help weaker riders and act as sweepers if required. The idea is to stay together as a group so that this ride is accessible to D cat riders. Please do not ride off the front  – come back to the beacon as soon as you can see you have a gap on the leader’s group.

The final lap is a competitive race lap where riders are free to ride to whatever power they have got over the 7.7 mile (12.3km) lap. Results will be posted on The race lap rules for placings on Zwiftpower are as follows:-

  • You must be behind or with the leader at the start of the race (4th) lap – any riders who have a gap from the leaders group will be DQ’d.
  • You must record heart rate data.
  • ZADA DQ power rules apply (6w/kg over a 5 min period or 5w/kg over the race lap = DQ)
  • Results for riders on estimated Zpower will be shown but they cannot be placed.

Note that this event will be held every 2 weeks and will always be on the Watopia Volcano Flat circuit regardless of the Zwift course schedule.

Zwift Guidelines

This link will explain the how’s and the what’s Zwift Guidelines