Silverstone Team Time Trial 2018

Latest update 20/04/2018

Great news the interest in the event this year has been very high, so the club decided to enter four teams (Ladies, Mens 1, Mens 2 and Mens 3), and we have been lucky enough to have all four teams confirmed.

Even better news if you had expressed a wish to ride this year you have been placed in a team, so everyone should get the chance to ride, the teams together with a designated captain are listed below.

Please read the following as it contains details about the day and rules for the event.


 Ladies Team

Lynda Kellam (Captain)
Catherine Budd
Jo Hutchinson
Julie Kenright
Alison Dempsey
Caroline Whittaker
Sandra Barden
Arelis Diaz
Claudia Stamford Smith
Julia Hope
Dan Puddlefoot


Mens 1st Team

Michael Ing (Captain)
Jonathan Williams
Peter Stainer
Mark Perkins
Tom Cudmore
Steve Kirby
Phil Hutchinson
James Roberts
Dan Furguson
Simon Hawes


Mens 2nd Team

Andrew Murphy (Captain)
Darran Eggleton
Daniel Hunt
Gary Marler
Jonathan Stoddern
Matt Hunt
Nathan Kaye
Brian Slade
Paul Blamire
Simon Quincey (Reserve)
Simon Brown (Reserve)

Mens 3rd Team

Stewart MacCalman (Captain)
Andy Lane
Martin Foote
Scott Taylor
Ken Mathews
Mike Osborn
Vincent Dahill
Andy May
Michael Heaney
Vaughan Ward (Reserve)
Kurt Kuen (Reserve)


Paul Hughes (ARCC TT Secretary)