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Routes are sorted here in descending order of distance, so if you want a ride of a particular distance you should find it easily below. Clicking opens the route map or instructions. If you don’t find a particular route here, it should still be in the Route library by Name list.

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100 mile route 2018 

100 mile route 2017

100 mile ride 2016

100 mile ride 2015

100 mile 2014

100 mile ride 2013.

100 mile Route Peter’s route includes all the best views 

80 mi: The Windmill route (all the windmills in the area)

75 mi: Weston-on-the-Green the ice cream farm

72 mi: Waterperry 

72 mi: Aston Clinton Extended 

69 mi. Waterperry via Brill and  Arncott back via Great Milton

68 mi: Chobham

67 mi: Boycott Farm

66 mi: Stowe Gardens, Buckingham

66 mi: Henley, return via Ibstone

66 mi: Benson by Brian

65 mi: Oxford (Zappis) avoiding Headington 

65 mi: Vale of Aylesbury clockwise loop

64 mi: Stew’s Isle of Wight route 

63 mi: Henley, return via Hambledon 

63 mi: Nuneham Courtenay Garden Centre

63 mi: Peloton Espresso, Oxford

62 mi: Benson via Stonor 

62 mi: Claydon via Kingswood

61 mi: Winslow (Anne and Hilary’s route)

61 mi: Oxford via Oakley

61 mi: Dorton via Kingswood to Ecofarm back via Tring

61 mi: Sonning Common (Daisy’s Herb Farm) 

61 mi: Green Dragon Eco Farm (Can be reduced to 53 return via Waddesden)

60 mi. Benson via Turville & Britwell hill back via Haddenham 60 Miles RWGPS

60 mi: Waterperry via Brill

60 mi: Dinton Pastures

60 mi: Dinton Pastures Geoff B’s route

60 mi Oxford via Headington (Zappis)

59 mi: St Albans

58 mi. Waterperry via Brill and  Arncott back along the Phoenix trail (Chris Emerson’s route 2016)

58 miles Veloflie Cafe (Warren Row) back via Bray 

58 mi: Herts Loop

58 mi: Benson

58 mi: Claydon House

58 mi:Turville Heath Watlington Stone

58 mi: Turville Heath via Lane End back via Watlington Towersey and Cadsden RideWithGPS

58 mi: Jenners via GX and Marlow

58 mi: Paolo’s Six Hills

Aston Clinton Coffee Shop 58 miles  NEW ROUTE 2016 

57 mi: Redbourne return vai Markyate

57 mi: Waterperry

57 mi Waterperry via Gt Milton

57 mi Marsworth loop

57 mi: Stanton St John via Brill

57 mi: Aston Clinton – The Hub

57 mi: Wargrave – The Old Post Office (Cathy B’s Route)

56 mi: Rickmansworth – Cafe in the Park

56 mi: Rushmere Country Park

57 mi:  Rushmore Country Park Graham’s Route

56 mi: Hare Hatch

56 mi: Stockgrove Park

55.5 mi: waterperry via Aston hill

55 or 44 mi: Stokenchurch

55 mi Toad Hall

55 mi. Winslow

55 mi: Aylesbury Vale

55 mi: Benson, flatfish route

55 mi: Benson via Britwell Hill

56 mi. Sonning Common – daisys herb farm reversed

55 mi Dorney via Gerrards Cross

55 mi: Marlow via Bledlow Ridge

54 miles Ashridge via Wingrave and Little Gaddesdon RWGPS Map

54 mi Red Kite ride

54 mi: Redbourn the Hub Vaughans route there and back

54 mi Benson

54 mi. Stockgrove Park Take II

53 mi. Rectory Farm Standton St John 

53 mi. Claydon (Jeff D’s route)

54 mi: Watlington via Kingston Hill

53 mi: Eco Dragon via dorton and kingswood

53 mi: Stonor and Thame

53 mi Brownlow Cafe Ashridge estate

52 mi: Bluebell via Corto 2008 route

52 mi: Waterperry via Brill back via Towersay

51 mi: Denham Airfield (Joy’s Route)

51 mi: Dunstable Downs

51 mi: Aylesbury Vale – return via Tring.

51mi: Quainton via Ashendon back via Long Marston

51mi: Green Dragon eco farm

51mi: Quainton via Ashendon back via Hastoe hill

51 mi: Flamsted 

50mi: Toad Hall, Henley take II (Peter H)

50mi: Ford-dinton-Aston Clinton-Long Marsdon-Cholesbury-Lee (cathy’s route)

50 mi: St Albans

50 mi: Chipperfield Garden Centre

50 mi Jenners at Maidenhead

50 mi. Windsor Farm Shop 50 mile

49 mi. Potten End via Tring

49 mi: Watlington Deli

49 mi: Rays Road Trip to Dunstable Downs

49mi: Redbourn or Flamsted (CBG Route)

49 mi: the Hub at Rebourne back via the Lee

48 mi: Coopers Roastery Marlow via the city

48mi: Flamsted and Redbourn

48 mi: Dorney Court and around Dorney Lake (urban)

48 mi: St Albans Waffle House

48 mi: Watlington via Bryants Bottom and Aston Hill, 48 miles

47 ml Studley Green Garden Centre via Watlington (GB)

47 mi: Quainton via Aston Clinton back via Cuddington

47 mi: Quainton via Dolton 

47 mi: Velolife Warren Row via Hambledon weir hilly second half

47 Miles Waterperry G5 1800ft elevation 

46 mi: Velolife cafe Warren Row via Hambledon weir hilly first half

46 mi Hogshaw (Green Dragon)

45 mi:  Bledlow Ridge and Chinnor to Thame

45 mi Dorney Garden Centre

45 mi Dunstable Down

45 mi Marsworth Bluebell Cafe 

45 mi: Turville heath the no car cafe take I

45 mi: Sanuk tearooms, out through Ley hill, potten end back via the Lee (max 6 people)  

44 mi: Marlow Loop

44 mi: Berko Loop

43 mi: Marlow Loop

43 mi: Stonor Stokenchurch Radnage

43 mi: Booker Garden Centre

43 mi: Picots End Garden Centre

43 mi: Haddenham, Little Italy from Annie Baileys

43 mi: Frithsden Vineyard via Ivanhoe 

42 mi: Frithsden Vineyard via Ley hill and Piccotts end back via the Lee

42 mi: Wendover Woods

42 or 50 mi: Westcott 

42 mi: Quainton via Ashendon

42 mi: Meadle-Ford-Aston Clinton-Hub-Ivinghoe-Aldbury

42 mi: Dashwood 25 from GM stopping at the barn at Turville

41 mi. Barn at Turville Heath take II

41 mi: Studley Green

41 mi: Thame via Dorton

40 mi: Studley Green via North End

40 mi: Thame

40 mi: Thame no cafe

40mi: Uxbridge

40 mi: Black Park near Fulmer

40 mi: Hogshaw (Green Dragon)

40 mi: Marlow

40 mi: Marlow to Coopers Roastery

39 mi: Marsworth – Bluebell Cafe / Meads Farm

39 mi: Marsworth Bluebell café take 2

38 mi: Studley Green

37 mi.  Little Italy Haddenmam

37 mi: Chesham

36.2 mi: Little Italy back via Cadsden 

36m: Quainton

35 mi: Little Italy Haddenham

35 mi: Ivinghoe Beacon Bluebell Cafe

28 mi: Chesham loop