Mallorca Trip Info

What to do if you and your cycling buddies want to go to Mallorca for a cycling week.

First,  check if your cycling group buddies are also going , you wouldn’t want to turn up and find only G2  riders when you’re G4 pace rider and likewise the only G1 rider among G4 riders.  Although we tend ride more socially in Mallorca that the Chilterns.

What is it all about? – It’s a week cycling every day in Mallorca  on Decent roads, good weather and plenty of climbing.

How long you go for is up to you.  

It is not “run” by the club, it’s just a lot of members turn up and go out cycling together,   so it’s important you know a group of fellow members  that are going,  that you can cycle with, as its all  “unofficial”. Also invite others you like cycling with (and get on with).  

Each day is organised the night before or reorganised at breakfast depending on various factors, (drinking might be one of them).  Most of the day is spent cycling with a long lunch out somewhere and then cycle back to the hotel for drinks and supper in the evening.

To organise the trip,  one has to book the flights to Mallorca, book the accommodation, take your own bike or book the hire of a bike and again  make sure you are going with other people of your own pace (and they don’t mind).

1) book your own flights for the dates you are going  to Palma, Mallorca. (Check the hotel has availability before booking the flights).

And many people get  together to book a shuttle/taxi  to the resort from the airport.

2) To book a room at the resort where everyone is staying,   the link is here:

Everyone that’s been says to book “half board” as  everyone stays at the hotel after cycling all day.  

Check there are rooms available first and reserve before booking the flight,  as I’ve heard they are getting full

3) if you are hiring bikes , the shop is on site and bikes are well maintained and good quality


click here to book the bikes: