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Lynda Kellam

www.facebook.com/VeloVUK/posts/1968381873202684. Jo and I cycled out to this last year - near Waterperry. If you buy stuff they will post it on for free.

VeloVixen Women's Cycling Open DayApr 29, 9:00amWheatley Business Centre, Old London Road, Wheatley, Oxford, OX33 1XW, United KingdomFollowing the huge success of our inaugural 2017 Open Day, this year's FREE event promises to be even bigger, better and more fun. Highlights include:

- Guided rides for all speeds and levels
- FREE artisan roasted coffee and cake!
- Special deals on VeloVixen's huge range of kit
- Bike fitting
- Saddle sizing
- Passionate fellow cyclists
- Surprise celebrity guests

Don't miss it!
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VeloVixen Womens Cycling Open Day

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Sue Clark, Kara Kerr, Henri Gordon, what about you Ladies doing one of their rides along with Dizzy....nice and local? If you're interested I'll mention to Diz.

Have I read this right...April 29th? Yep, I'm interested! Thanks Scraggy!

Defo keen, thanks Scraggy! Xxx

Lucy Thomass & Andrea Pridmore... can we wait till April?

Yes we can

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19 hours ago

Michael Ing

For any women in the club who are looking to try out racing I got a message from Bella Velo about a group riding and race skills course:

Women's Advanced Group Riding and Race Skills

Women's Advanced Group Riding and Race SkillsMar 25, 9:00amHillingdon Cycle CircuitThis is a women's only group riding and racing skills session at Hillingdon Cycle Circuit on Sunday March 25th, co-hosted by Bella Velo.

Sunday 25th March 9am - 12.30pm

The event will cover outdoor practical exercises including:

- Warm up
- Basic Group Riding Skills
- Advanced Group Riding Skills
- Riding in a bunch
- Starts
- Advanced Cornering
- Sprints
- Mock Racing

And there will be a short classroom session to discuss racing, training, race etiquette, categories, points etc

This session is a Surrey League accredited skills session.

Book tickets on Eventbrite at bvraceskills.eventbrite.co.uk/ using password Marchraceskills
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Womens Advanced Group Riding and Race Skills


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Kary Greer could you share with KVG please 🙂

2 weeks ago

Geoff Bell

Ride London keeping their options open? ... See MoreSee Less

Ride London keeping their options open?


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Not quite sure which one I should believe. ⁉️⁉️

Now I know what the one on the left looks like this year. 😢

1 week ago

Simon Coleman

Bicycle Life Drawing WorkshopMar 19, 7:00pmLmnh KitchenWe’re hosting a fun drawing workshop focussed on capturing not only the human form, but the bicycle as well.

Our host Laura Fusi invites you to draw our model and bicycle in various timed outfits and poses. Please note there will be no nudity, we’re capturing cycling kit and podium pants instead. Start with quick introductory sketches to longer, considered drawings throughout the evening. You can try experimenting with different techniques and styles. Laura is on hand to help you.

The work produced on the night has the option of becoming part of an exhibition showcasing the event 49 Old St. in April 2018.

All ages and abilities are welcome!
Provide your own materials, or pay a bit more for us to sort it for you.
Square Mile Coffee Roasters, craft booze and sandwiches will be available.

Tickets available here: shop.lookmumnohands.com/products/bicycle-life-drawing-1?variant=598438019088

Monday 19th March
Please arrive by 6:30pm to start drawing from 7pm - 9pm
Lmnh Kitchen, 101 Back Church Lane, E1 1LU

Drawing: Laura Fusi
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Bicycle Life Drawing Workshop

2 weeks ago

Simon Coleman

Chesham cycling club in 1898, outside Ivory's coffee tavern (later to be become the premises of Chittenden's at 59 The Broadway). This is where the Chesham Masterplan banners are today.

I have several of these original mounted sepia photos (quite large: 50 x 40cm size). I'm thinking of framing them and offering them at £50 each. Please message me if of interest.
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2 weeks ago

Jeegnesh Patel

Wattbike Atom vs Wahoo Kickr

A little bird told me that people may find this useful, disclaimer this is just from my own experience so there could be some errors, correct there will be errors.

Stating the obvious:

Atom is ready to go out the box, Kickr needs a bike
Kickr requires a bluetooth/ant+ cadence sensor if you want to track cadence (kickr 2 has this built in)
Both require a Bluetooth HR Strap if you want to track HR

Included App:

Wahoo Kickr - Free Wahoo Fitness app, no pretty pictures or plans, however you get full control. You can ride to a set wattage (ERG mode), Grade and Wind (Simulation), level or resistance. You get full display of all the stats based on what all sensors you have connected. If you own a Wahoo bike computer (elemnt) they can control the kickr and you can re-run a route from your history or saved routes, it's not exact and does average out gradients. I believe you can use any Ant+ computer (Gamin), I don't have one so can't vouch for it.

Wattbike Atom - Free Wattbike Hub app, comes with plans and stacks of workouts plus 6 famous climbs fully recreated with auto resistance. Graphics shown during workout are a little better then the Wahoo app, plus a host of metrics. You could quite easily just use this app and be more then happy I think.

External Apps (almost all subscription basis):

Kickr - Has loads of options, Zwift, Trainer Road, Kinomap, Fulgaz, Bkool etc etc. I found one called Skuga useful if you are already a strava premium member, as you can re-run outside rides and the graphics gives you a head to head on a map.

Wattbike - Zwift, Trainer Road, Sufferfest has major players but no way near as many options as the kickr. It claims bike computer control but it does not work in my experience.


The kickr wins hands down, the fact that your on your bike means the position is as you would be on the road. I guess you can try and achieve that on the atom as it has many adjustments, I just haven't got there as you can't change the geometry of the frame. Bue due to the factthe kickr is using your bike you have real shifters and a cassette which just makes the feel far more realistic. The atom is controlled via a magnetic flywheel.

On Zwift the kickr reacts way better to grade changes, and changing gears on your bike is way faster then the atom change, the atom seems to have a 2 second lag per gear change, which does not sound like much but on rapid gradient change it makes a difference. This however is per design as the atom specifically mentions its not for short burst sprint training thats what the trainer and pro do well. The atom is improving until this week when using zwift you could not see what gear you are in, now this has been added and the atom has been getting firmware updates quite regularly.

Just to throw a spanner in the works, it sounds like I said the kickr is better, but I will stick to the atom because I don't want to use my bike and sweat all over it, plus the missus and kids will not use the kickr but happily use the atom and the small lags and differences doesn't matter to a non-pro, G2 wannabe like me 🙂

Hope this helps someone, happy to answer any questions.
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As I've never tried a Kickr I can't compare but I can report on my experiences so far with the Atom. It is extremely stable and feels well made and solid. Every part is fully adjustable so, unless you're extreme in measurements, you should be able to recreate your road bike position on the Atom. I now have TrainerRoad installed on the Atom and this makes all the difference to me. I prefer a workout-based session to a group session as the workouts are created to my requirements and abilities (based on my FTP) and all the sessions I've done so far have left me feeling empty and knackered, just like after a Sunday G2 bash at 19+ mph. I also have Sufferfest and have just finished Downward Spiral, running it through TrainerRoad on the Atom. FFS, it was like a G1 ride with Peter Sagan at the front but it's amazing how the graphics of your progress and the visual racing on the screen can motivate and make you go deeper than you otherwise would on a turbo trainer. "Just 43 seconds to go at 266 watts........." All this is of course done in ERG mode so I don't use the Atom's gears at all. Maybe that's why I'm enjoying so much. 🙂

I am a Kickr devotee but I had a little go on Jig's Wattbike and I was pleasantly surprised re the fit (for my 5th percentile height). However, it definitely won't be any good for anyone at the opposite end of the scale - they won't get close to their road bike set up. I think Wattbike are saying 6'2 max height - but I would say anybody over 6ft should probably avoid unless they want to ride a very upright position and way behind the cranks. Thought that was important to mention before any of the club giants spend £1500

There goes my new career

Jeegnesh Patel so when are you selling the Atom ? 😂😂

if you bought the kickr you could also look forward to the adding the wahoo climber: www.dcrainmaker.com/2017/08/hands-on-wahoos-new-kickr-climb-incline-simulator.html

I don’t notice the ‘lag’ on my Atom. I have read that internet connection speed can affect this.

Jeegnesh what do you mean by “it claims bike computer control”?...

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2 weeks ago

Peter Hart

Paul Hughes has the following for sale for an all inclusive price of £330
Brand new, never used set of Fulcrum Racing 4 Disc Brake wheels (12mm through axle, front 100mm, rear 135mm adaptors are available to convert to 142mm).
Two Brand new, never used Vittoria Rubino Pro G+ 700×25.
Two Shimano 140mm Ice Tech Rotors (SM-RT81-SS), nearly new only done a few hundred miles.
If you are interested or want more information please contact Paul Hughes (email: TimeTrials@amershamrcc.com)
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