Club Social Hit or Miss Inn on Tuesday 25th September at 7:30pm

Social Evening Tues Sep 25th

Dear members

The next social evening will be held in the Hit or Miss Inn, Penn Street (HP7 0PX) on Tuesday 25thSeptember at 7:30pm.  Our very own Julie Kenwright, in her capacity as a fully qualified yoga teacher, has agreed to give a presentation on the benefits of yoga to cyclists.  Scrunched up in an almost foetal position hour after hour, while your legs are working hard to shorten your hamstrings, is not necessarily the ultimate hollistic exercise.  But certain yoga positions/routines can help alleviate the few disadvantages that our great sporting activity provides.  Come along and benefit from Julie’s specialist knowledge.

While we are ‘all’ there at a social gathering, let’s also turn it into a fruitful evening in the form of a ‘Bring and Buy’ sale, for want of a better description.  Bring along your no longer needed cycling bits and bobs and pass them on to a fellow member.  I suggest you ask for a modest recompense which will then be donated to Air Ambulance. So, books, clothing, accessories, odds and ends….all of a cycling nature will fit the bill.  That said, if you have something of value for sale….say a £1,00 winter bike for example….bring that along and if you sell it….good for you…..just pop a few pounds in the tin and go home happy.  This could be interesting!  See you there.

Stay safe

Vaughan Ward

Chairman ARCC