Club Points Competitions

Each year the club runs two points competitions as detailed below.

ARCC Open Competition

Here the fastest ARCC rider in each WLC TT and each club TT earns 10 points; the 2nd fastest 9 points etc but all ARCC entrants will earn at least 1 point. A prize will be awarded at the end of the season to the person with the most points. This will not necessarily be the fastest rider as a slower rider who enters more events could earn more points.


ARCC Over 40’s Competition

This competition is for the club TT’s only, this excludes the hill climb, all you need to qualify for this is to be over 40 years of age.

In this competition each rider’s time will be compared with a standard time as published by the VTTC, based on age, gender and distance. Once a finishing order has been calculated by taking the difference between the actual time and standard time and ordering from highest negative value to highest positive value points will be awarded from 10 down to 1 as per the general point competition.



Points for each competition are shown on the “Time Trial Results” pages.