Club Awards 2017

This year, outside of the Race Awards, ARCC has decided to make two special awards to mark events which were somewhat out of the ordinary. Firstly, we have elected to provide a ‘Spirit Award’. If you need the definition of spirit, I urge you to look here:

Ride for Laurel

Well done indeed Darran. A very spirited effort.


Secondly, we wanted to provide an award for something along the lines of an unsung hero. This award is for a club member who has for many years given up a lot of his Sunday mornings for a very important role that benefits the whole club. In carrying out this role, it has prevented the individual from regular rides with his peers. In some ways, this attitude reflects the role of the ‘Domestique’ in professional road racing, serving others rather than reaching personal goals. So that os what we have named this award. An excellent example of that is to lead no less than 75 introductory rides to our new joiners. You will therefore all know that the ‘Domestique’ award goes to Chris Emerson.



Well done Chris……the century is in sight!



Vaughan Ward
ARCC Chairman