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This is the page  for Members to post about their cycling projects, cycling adventures and anything else they get up with bikes.

The annual ARCC Dinner will be held this year on Friday evening, 24th November. Once again the venue is Ellesborough Golf Club and we welcome all members and partners. For ARCC this is the major social event of the year and not to be missed! Details and booking forms will be made available shortly.

ARCC Annual Dinner – Save the Date: Friday 24th ...

It’s a sweltering 38 degrees when our optimistic little band of eight, keen cycling buddies arrive in France with our intention to tackle Mont Ventoux the next day starting to look a little ambitious – perhaps we should begin very early in the morning to avoid the blistering heat?  Like err…the crack of dawn, given […]

Mont Ventoux from Bedoin

Tour of Cambridge 2016 – a participants view by Judy Armstrong Tour of Cambridge – hmmm….82 miles of flat riding on closed roads,  yep sounds good….keeping a friend company for a mini Ride London experience to prepare her for the event in July…sounds like a nice day out! Chauffeur driven to Peterborough and an early […]

Tour of Cambridge 2016 – a participants view

YOU’LL NOT SEE NOTHING LIKE THE MIGHTY QUINN  by  Vaughan Ward (click on images to enlarge) Back in 1968, as I was just starting to dabble in time trials as a teenager, my first few months wages went on treating myself to a hand built frame.  Living in North Wales, the nearest builder of any […]

The Mighty Quinn