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It’s a sweltering 38 degrees when our optimistic little band of eight, keen cycling buddies arrive in France with our intention to tackle Mont Ventoux the next day starting to look a little ambitious – perhaps we should begin very early in the morning to avoid the blistering heat?  Like err…the crack of dawn, given […]

Mont Ventoux from Bedoin

Tour of Cambridge 2016 – a participants view by Judy Armstrong Tour of Cambridge – hmmm….82 miles of flat riding on closed roads,  yep sounds good….keeping a friend company for a mini Ride London experience to prepare her for the event in July…sounds like a nice day out! Chauffeur driven to Peterborough and an early […]

Tour of Cambridge 2016 – a participants view

YOU’LL NOT SEE NOTHING LIKE THE MIGHTY QUINN  by  Vaughan Ward (click on images to enlarge) Back in 1968, as I was just starting to dabble in time trials as a teenager, my first few months wages went on treating myself to a hand built frame.  Living in North Wales, the nearest builder of any […]

The Mighty Quinn